Pandora is a general purpose monitoring platform. It offers a high level of flexibility, while still achieving good performance. Each monitoring task executed by Pandora is splitted into basic and self-contained building blocks called components. These components are chained inside stacks to constitute high level tasks. Stack execution consists of components exchanging messages — data structures called "packets" — from the beginning of the stack, to the end.

Pandora provides a framework dealing with (among others) packet demultiplexing, timers, threads and communication. This allows programmers to concentrate on the precise functionnalities they want to implement and promotes code reuse.

Publications about Pandora

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Pandora User Manual for version 0.9 [ .ps.gz | .pdf ].
WARNING: this documentation is no longer accurate for the current version of Pandora.


You can download the last release of Pandora (version 0.9) from INRIA or from Savannah (GPL license)

Alternatively, you can download the latest snapshot of Pandora source tree (INRIA license: free for non-commercial use).


For any questions concerning the installation, the use or the internals of Pandora, a mailing-list is available at the following address: pandora-users@nongnu.org